Senior Curriculum – Year 11, 12 and 13

The Senior school is made up of year 11, 12 and 13.

There is a wide variety of optional courses available at each of these levels. The annual Senior Course Information lists those currently provided.  All courses of study are subject to student enrolment numbers and staffing availability.  The aim is to provide a course of study at which each student is likely to succeed.

Students must study Religious Education at all levels. They must also study English at Levels One and Two, and Science and Mathematics at Level 1. Students then choose their other subjects from the wide variety offered. All courses in the senior school lead to either national or local awards.

To make informed choices, students will need to think carefully, read the information provided in the Course Information and go through the following:

Assess your ability in subjects:
Look at results – your individual ability
Discuss this with teachers and parents
Don’t forget the value of hard work!

Think about the importance of interest in the subject:
Do you really enjoy the subject?  Don’t just do what your friends are doing.

Future requirements:
Be careful here and do not narrow your options by dropping critical subjects, especially mathematics, the sciences and some arts subject.

Ask and find out what the subjects are like
Talk to teachers and students – what is the subject really about and will you enjoy it?

Get help if you are uncertain:
The Careers Advisor, your Dean, Tutor Teacher, Faculty Head and teaching staff can all assist.

In summary, option choice is determined by an evaluation of:

Previous year’s study
Necessity for future career flexibility
Interest and enjoyment of the subject

2018 Options

Please read through the Senior Course Booklet, fill out either the Year 11 Option SheetYear 12 Option Sheet or the Year 13 Option Sheet and return to school.