Senior Council 2018

Senior Council Leadership

Head Girl
Lushomo Thebe

Kia Ora!

If we haven’t already met my name is Lushomo Thebe. I have the honour and pleasure of being the Head Girl at Sacred Heart Girls’ College this year and feel very blessed, humbled and excited to take on this role.

Faith is a big part of my life and I always look for opportunities to share it.  I live my life with Jesus Christ as my role model and I use my words and actions as Christ calls me to be. I have a reputation for smiling a lot as I have a positive attitude toward everything in life. I believe that attitude is a form of self-expression and I choose to be happy, positive and optimistic. Throughout this year I will encourage all students to have this same positive disposition and to see the good in everything. Being positive has created a ripple effect in my life; it gives me the strength not to give up if I encounter obstacles and makes me view failures and problems as blessings in disguise. I also value humility, self-reflection, gratitude, honesty, integrity, family and treat others and myself with dignity. As a proud Zambian and Catholic I have had these values instilled in me from childhood.

I started at Sacred Heart Girls’ College in 2014 and on my journey I have grown and blossomed from a girl who was very unsure of herself to a confident young woman. I have grown because of the opportunities that I have been afforded not just in academia, but also in cultural and sporting endeavours and special character development, all of which we have in abundance at the college.  I encourage all students to seek out these same opportunities.

It is important to get involved to give you opportunities to learn, develop new friendships and develop your character, so that each day you become more the person God intended you to be. I encourage you all to try something new and get out of your comfort zone.  Comfort zones are a beautiful place but nothing grows there. So get involved!

Throughout this year I also want you to be inclusive of all.  This ties in with our school theme of ‘communion’ this year with a specific focus on building community. This means being one together, doing things together, helping each other and loving our neighbours.

In Zambia we have a saying that is very special to my family and myself.  We say “ti yende pamozi ndi mutima umozi” which in English means “Let us walk together with one heart”.  To me this relates back to all Sacred Heart students, staff and their families: coming together and walking through 2018 on a journey together. Sharing in our faith,  our gifts and our talents to benefit our entire wider community. Our students have always had passion and zeal whether it be in the classroom, on the sports field, on the stage or at our Masses and I look forward to seeing that continue throughout 2018.

Finally, I wish to encourage all of you to embrace and share love and happiness. Always remembering, the greatest gift God gave us is love.

May God bless you and our community,

Lushomo Thebe, Head Girl 2018

Deputy Head Girl Learning
Nikita Raman

Kia Ora Koutou,

My name is Nikita Raman and I am humbled to be your Deputy Head Girl, Learning Leader for 2018.

I have a zeal for learning and am excited about this role as I have the opportunity to share my passion within the school and to inspire others to aim for the stars. Learning in and out of the classroom is core to us at Sacred Heart Girls’ College.  It is limitless, has endless potential and is a journey I hope to share with everyone.

As part of my role, I am privileged to lead the Learning Committee, which aims to promote all types of learning and fostering positive change at Sacred Heart. I urge all students to seize all of the wonderful opportunities offered and to achieve to the best of their potential. I hope I can serve, as the school community has served me, with humility, integrity and kindness.

I look forward to working with you all, and am excited to see what this year brings.

Nikita Raman, Deputy Head Girl – Learning Leader

Deputy Head Girl
Special Character
Emily Maree

Kia Ora Koutou,

My name is Emily Maree and I am humbled and grateful to be your Deputy Head Girl, Special Character for 2018.

I applied for this position with high hopes to create a more collaborative, Christ centered Sacred Heart Girls’ College. I have great ambitions for this school year including encouraging our students to make a difference in our wider community. I wish to provide a firm foundation in which the future leaders will be able to build upon.

I am an enthusiastic, determined and positive student who loves working in a team. I view the privilege of my position as a platform for creating positive change within the very heart of our school, and that is our students. I am greatly appreciative of the opportunity I have been entrusted with to help lead and strengthen the Special Character of Sacred Heart.

This will be a year of new opportunities especially making our faith evident in the relationships around us. I hope to lead in a gentle yet effective manner, always guided by a verse close to my heart Phillipians 4:13, For I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

I wish you all a blessed 2018,

Emily Maree, Deputy Head Girl – Special Character

Area Leaders

Mission LeaderPieta Bouma
Māori Perspective Leader – jointNikita Toia & Amber Kealy
Pasifika Perspective LeaderFrances Turaganivei
 Student Well-being LeaderCaitlynn O’Toole
 Environmental LeaderMolly Missen
 Cultural Diversity LeaderMikaela Paradizo
 International Student LeaderAlisa Zhang
 Technology LeaderTeagan King
 Publicity/Communications LeaderSophie Douglas
Arts LeaderKellie Petrin
Sports LeaderCaroline Maggof
BOT Student RepresentativeBibi Grainer

House Leaders

Aubert Co-House LeadersVictoria Goodwin and Sarah Patterson
Avila Co-House LeadersPhoebe Wadham and Anna Biladi
Barbier Co-House LeadersPaige McCollum and Aylisha Waldron
Lisieux Co-House LeadersNatarsha O’Flaherty and Jewel Bautista
MacKillop Co-House LeadersJade Staples and Jazmine Fomotor
Siena Co-House LeadersZoe Rosser and Gabriella Payne

2018 Applications for Senior Council

Our Senior Council has now been appointed for 2018.

Check back later in the year for 2019 application information.

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