Senior Leadership Team

Senior Leadership Team
Principal Catherine Gunn
Deputy Principal – Curriculum Cushla Jackson
Deputy Principal – Student Learning and Engagement Eilleen Stobie
Deputy Principal – Learning and Teaching Tara Kanji
Director of Faith and Mission Susan Brebner

Teaching Staff


Leader of Learning AMA Adele Matthews
Teacher In Charge Drama JGR Jacqui Graham (on leave)
Teacher In Charge Music JMA James Martell
CBC Cherie Brownlee-Clarke
RST Ròisín Stuart
ZVA Zoe Vaile


Leader of Learning KWI Kathleen Wilson
MBA Maree Barrington
SBA Sally Barrett
KBI Kymberly Bissett
BCO Belinda Cooper
MCF Margaret Crawford (on leave)
JFN Johanna Fanning
AHM Ayesha Holmes
MMA Margaret Malan
KMI Karen Mills
VWO Virginia Wood


Leader of Learning BCO Belinda Cooper (on leave)
Teacher In Charge Maori KTA Kahu Tawera
VCO Vicki Cotton
KMQ Kristina McQueen


Leader of Learning PFI Pamela Fisher
ALU Angela Ludbrook
CME Christine Mears
AWA Jackie Watton
ASH Afeefa Shakeela
SHS Sharmila Singh
JPA Judith Packer
JSU Janet Sukias

Physical Education

Leader of Learning KPR Karen Pratt
MEY Malia Eyles
CMX Clarissa Maxwell
TSO Antonia Solomon
MST Miriam Stevens
EST Eilleen Stobie

Religious Studies

Leader of Learning IMC Daisy McLaughlin
Director of Faith and Mission SBR Susan Brebner
CAN Chanda Antoque
DLA David Lang
KMQ Kristina McQueen
RST Ròisín Stuart
MPO Mariette Poortman

Social Science

Leader of Learning BKE Brian Kendrick
Teacher In Charge Economics CCH Cinal Chand
Teacher In Charge History MKI Marice King
TMC Toby McIntyre
MMI Margaret Millin
IMC Daisy McLaughlin
TKA Tara Kanji
MGI Melanie Giles
CJA Cushla Jackson


Leader Of Learning MWI Michael Wilson
Teacher In Charge Biology CMP Catherine Macpherson
Teacher In Charge Chemistry FMU Fiona Murphy
Teacher In Charge Earth and Space HRE Harriet Reed-Hadley
Teacher In Charge Physics JWO Jackie Wolff
DHA Di Hartwell
KNE Kylie Neal
VJO Victor Jones


Leader of Learning MES MeganEshuis (acting)
Teacher In Charge Food Technology CMA Katrien Maclaurin
Teacher In Charge eLearning ARE Amanda Reid
JEL Judith Ellis
KMO Kerry Morriss


KMO Kerry Morriss

Learning Support

Leader of Learning FMU Fiona Murphy
MPO Mariette Poortman
GSW Gail Swart
SCR Sue Craill
 Learning Assistants VLE Vivienne Leddy
ANU Ashlee Numa
SCA Sarah Casey

Year 9 Extn 2821 Melanie Giles
Year 10 Extn 2820 Cinal Chand
Year 11 Extn 2845 Antonia Solomon
Year 12 Extn 2818 Jackie Watton
Year 13 Extn 2844 Toby McIntyre

Support Staff

Student Centre

Student Services Administrator MD Wendy McLeod
Student Services Administrator MY Maree Yardley

Main Reception

Executive Officer LTE Lynn Tebbutt
Senior Leadership Team Administrator KTU Kashka Tunstall
Data and Systems Administrator MSM Marina Smith


Business Manager MWE Marilyn Webby
Accounts Clerk – Mission College LBR Lauren Bracey
Accounts Clerk MTH Maree Thomas
Accounts Clerk VFE Vernon Fenneman


Science Technician HY Jan Hyde
 Middle Leadership Team Administrator KLL Kusum Lal


Library Manager JTH Jane Thorrold
Assistant Librarian SCA Sarah Casey


Caretaker CL Stephen Carroll
Assistant Caretaker DBR David Browne

Sports Department

Sports Coordinator GMA Gina Marcum
Sports Development Manager CMX Clarissa Maxwell
PhD Student LSO Lesley Sommerfield


Director of International Students JRA Julie Radice
International Student Administrator / Homestay Co-ordinator SMI Stephanie Mildon