Teams A Team, B Team, C Team
Trainings A Team:

Monday 7am – Turf (With Miss Sommerfield)

Tuesday 330pm – Steele Park

Wednesday – Gym 5:15pm


B Team:

Tuesday 330pm – Steele Park


C Team:

Monday 330pm – Steele Park

Venue Steele Park, Turf, Gym
Games Saturday between 1:00pm and 4:30pm at Tom Voyle Park / Cambridge High School
Coaches Hayley McConnell – Head Coach

Gemma Metcalf (A Team),
Mike Rush (B Team)
Aimee Pilkington, Gabriella Payne (C Team)

Teacher in Charge Daisy Morris
Fees $175

Inquiries to the Sports Co-Ordinator

Lacrosse Reps 2016

NZ High Performance Programme – Georgia Clarkin-Rush, Nicole Brown, Annie Brown, Kaitlyn Gunn
NZ U15 Team – Lucile Richardson

Waikato U18 – Georgia Clarkin-RushNicole Brown, Annie Brown, Kaitlyn Gunn
Waikato Senior Development – Annie Brown, Kaitlyn Gunn, Martha Williams, Charlotte Harrison
Waikato Senior A – Georgia Clarkin-RushNicole Brown

NZ U23 – Georgia Clarkin-Rush
NZ U15 – Kaitlyn Gunn, Lucile Richardson
NZ U23/NZU15 – Nicole Brown, Charlotte Harrison

Waikato U18A, Waikato Seniors A – Georgia Clarkin-Rush
Waikato U18A, Waikato Seniors Devt – Annie Brown
Waikato Seniors Devt – Valerie Cabellon
Waikato U18A – Nicole Brown
Waikato U18 Devt – Kaitlyn Gunn, Charlotte Harrison, Martha Williams
Waikato U15A – Lucile Richardson, Maddy Gordon, Ava O’Donoghue
Waikato U15 Devt – Aimee Pilkington, Meaghan Pratt-Rink, Mia Pointon, Laura Marston, Holly McRae, Maya Pearson, Emily Maree, Samantha Brdanovic

Scheduled Games

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Scheduled Practice

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