2017 School Fees

School fees are reviewed annually by the Board of Trustees. Below is a break down of the fees for the 2017 year:

Mission College
Special Character Levy$36
Attendance Dues$890
Building Fund Donation$175
Mission College Total$1101


Sacred Heart
Annual Donation$250
PTFA Donation$20
Sacred Heart Donations$270


Course cost estimates for junior students are approximately $200 while senior students costs are approximately $500.

School Fees


Payment Options

Sacred Heart Girls’ College

  1. Through ‘My Monitor’ portal. My Monitor is an on-line payment system which enables parents to view the fees statement and choose which fees to pay. Payment can be made from bank account or by credit card. New enrolments will be sent an email to activate your access to My Monitor.
  2. Direct credit to: Sacred Heart Girls’ College
    01 0315 0329900-00
    Reference: Student Name and ID number (xxxxx)

Mission College Hamilton Trust Board

(Attendance dues, Building Fund Donation and Special Character Levy payments only)

  1. Direct Credit to: Mission College Hamilton Trust Board
    01 0315 0176908 000
    Reference: Student Name and ID number (xxxxx)
  2. Payment plan: A regular amount can be paid by Automatic payment to the Mission College Hamilton Trust Board bank account
  3. Cheque: payable to “Mission College Hamilton Trust Board”