SHGC Groups

Students are encouraged to participate fully in groups which bring to life the Special Character of the college. Examples of these include:


Students belong to one of six houses, each led by a house leader and deputies. The houses co-ordinate student efforts at swimming and athletic sports, and on Sacred Heart Day.
Leadership opportunities within the houses are provided at each level.

SADD (Students Against Dangerous Driving)

Promotes student awareness of this issue throughout the year, and especially during a special focus week.

Social Action

The aim of the social action is to raise awareness of social issues both within and beyond New Zealand. Students visit Patrica Avenue special school to interact with pupils there. Through the Age Concern Group, students can train to become accredited visitors to visit the elderly who are in resthomes or in their own homes. The St Vincent de Paul group organises activities to support those in the community who are under privileged. They may organise food collections or fundays for young children.

Amnesty International

A school branch of this international organisation co-ordinates letter writing campaigns and raises student awareness of human rights violations throughout the world.


Is active in national and international projects to protect the environment. At the school level, students get ‘hands on’ experience in recycling and cleaning up local trouble spots.

School Council

Each year level elects representatives onto the school council which is chaired by the Head Girl. Committees have responsibility for different aspects of school life. Students take on projects to enhance the school grounds.

Duke of Edinburgh

The Duke of Edinburgh Award operates at the college, giving students opportunities to develop leadership skills through an international programme, in skill, service, physical activity and expeditions. Activities are organised and supported to help students qualify for Bronze, Silver and Gold badges.

The award is recognised by employers and the community.

Silver Duke of Edinburgh Training Aubert House SHGC Students engaged in Social Justice