Welcome to the Library

The new Sacred Heart Girls’ College Library was opened in 2013

Open Hours

  • The library opens at 8am and closes at 3.30pm. For changes, check the daily notices.
  • Closed at Interval
  • Open at Lunchtime
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Sacred Heart Girls' College Library


Books: Students issue books using their student ID card. There is a limit of 5 books and they are issued for 2 weeks. This does not include
You can renew your books (unless they are reserved for another student).

DO NOT let other students take items out on your card – You will be held responsible if the item is not returned.

DVDs: We have a collection of DVDs in the library. Students may borrow one at a time for one week.
Return all items on or before the due date.

Computers: We have 20 desktops available for the students to use before school, at lunchtime and after school. These are to be used for
school work only.

Magazines: There is a selection of magazines available to read in the library.

Newspapers: The Waikato Times is available to read in the library.

OPAC: There are two computers which access the library catalogue.

Photocopying: There is a photocopier/printer for the students to use. Students use their ID number to log on and print credit can be topped
up at the Accounts office.

Reference: The Reference Collection contains encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases and some study guides.