3000m Race Takes Off

Well done to all those who turned out for the school 3000m. You can all be very proud of yourselves and each other. Your willingness to ‘give it a go’ and your support for one another, was wonderful!!!

Provisional 3000m Results

Ruby Sinclair (12.36)
Erin Ticklepenny (14.22)
Gemma Hall (15.54)
Emma Ritchie (15.54)

Amelia Hunt (12.08.52)
Charlotte Chatwin (12.20)
Christine Fraser-Jones (13.40)
Ella Watson (14.43.27)
Brenna Leong (14.43.27)
Joyce Paguia (16.01)
Jordan Bolton (16.26)
Danielle Oaks (16.34)
Petrina van Bysterveldt (16.56)
Alyssia O’Donoghue (19.14.25)
Hannah Burton (19.14.25)

Siobhan Hayman (11.14.82)
Holly Stokes (15.29.01)
Milly Farrell (15.30.15)
Lucille Richardson (15.30.15)
Linda Manozca (16.02.35)
Maja Schulte (16.12.07)
Hayley Lafferty (16.27.38)
Milla Kells-Martin (16.31.04)
Laura Proske (16.31.04)
Lena Geisel (20.28.52)

Miss Bissett
Mr Jones
Mr Kendrik
Mrs Morris
Mrs Sukias


Teachers participating in the 3000m race

Teachers participating in the 3000m race

NB: Several students are still to run this event and will be added in the new few weeks.