Athletics Day – Monday, 27 February

This year the SHGC Athletics Day will be held at Porritt Stadium on Monday 27 February. We welcome parents to join us and support their daughters at this event.

Each student will either need to find their own way to and from Porritt Stadium or make use of the bus service from the school. The bus service will cost $2.00 return per student which will be charged to your school account. Should you require the use of this service, and have completed the compulsory forms which have been sent out, your daughter must meet at the Firth Street entrance at 8.15am.

School Athletics Day is a school day and attendance is compulsory. Rolls will be taken throughout the day. The first roll will be taken at Porritt Stadium at 8.45am (which is the time all students need to be at Porritt Stadium). This will ensure we get through the day’s events.

Students will need to bring their lunch and plenty of water from home. It is also important that students are prepared for ANY weather conditions. Therefore, we encourage them to bring a sun hat, sun block, sunglasses, an umbrella (for sun shade / rain) and appropriate clothing for the conditions. The track becomes extremely hot and will blister feet. To ensure all safety standards are met, it is compulsory for all Field Event athletes to wear shoes; all track event athletes – it is highly recommended but not compulsory. These standards will be enforced on the day.

Porritt Stadium has undergone a full resurfacing and as such it is imperative that glitter, face paint and feather boas NOT be brought into the stadium.

We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to your company on what we hope, will be a great day.

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