Bring Your Own Device enables new learning opportunities such as: collaboration, learning differentiation, learning beyond the classroom walls, interactive learning, and electronic resources. Teaching and learning is supported, facilitated and ‘redefined’ by the use of digital technology
and digital collaboration tools. The use of devices is being embedded in the delivery of teaching and learning at SHGC.

The use of technology in all teaching programmes is encouraged and is being supported with professional learning, tailored to needs of teachers, in a blended classroom curriculum.

Students are strongly encouraged to bring a laptop to use at school. In order to effectively complete work during class time and enhance collaboration, the device should:
– have a screen size of at least 10 inches
– have a keyboard
– have a battery life that is able to last throughout the day
– be lightweight and robust
– have the ability to download subject specific software
(therefore devices such as Chromebooks may not be suitable)
– be able to easily create and edit documents
– have the ability to connect to a wireless network
– be insured (warrantees and antivirus software are also

We do not specify a particular device, only that it meets this criteria. As well as a laptop, students may choose to bring other devices to school, but a laptop is required for the majority of their classwork.

If your daughter currently has a device and you have any questions about its suitability, please email Amanda Reid on

Education Packages
To ensure that you have access to devices that are reasonably priced we are putting agreements in place with some retailers who provide education discounts. Look out for details in our next newsletter and on the school website.

Students and teachers have access to Gmail, Google Docs, Google Classroom, Google Calendar, Google Drive (with free cloud storage) and other associated products. These products are available for students to access at school and at home. Students also have access to download the Office 365
suite of products.

Google Classroom
Google Classroom has been adopted as a school wide Learning Management System (LMS). Most classes have a Google Classroom set up to ensure that students have access to the resources that they require and to enable them to effectively collaborate with their peers. Teachers can efficiently provide resources, timely feedback, differentiated learning opportunities, and also easily collect data.

Free Wi-Fi is provided for students to access Ultra Fast Broadband through Network for Learning.

Cyber Safety
Students complete a Responsible Use Agreement before engaging with digital services at SHGC. The agreement places a significant emphasis on good and safe digital learning practices for students, families and staff. In light of the recent legislative changes, including the Vulnerable Children Act and Harmful Digital Communications Act, our policies and procedures are reviewed regularly; this communication is a further opportunity to engage with families and whānau to develop our educative partnership in this rapidly changing space.

Sacred Heart Girls’ College supports a Digital Citizenship model for the promotion of safe and responsible use of technology.

It is our belief that we must prepare our students to participate actively in the world in which they live. It is clear that a key skill in this new world will be their ability to participate as effective digital citizens. An important part of learning these skills is being given the chance to experience the opportunities, and the challenges presented by technology in a safe, secure and nurturing environment, where clear, effective guidance can be sought as students and teachers learn.

Amanda Reid
Lead Teacher – E-Learning