This years Chanel Shield team competed alongside St John’s College (Hamilton), Aquinas College (Tauranga), Campion College (Gisborne) and the 2018 host school John Paul College in Rotorua.

Events included speeches, debating, drama, poetry reading, bible reading and the bible quiz.   The shield is a great opportunity for students to showcase their talents and to socialise with other students in the Diocese.

Our team competed well, placing second overall for the event and bringing home the trophy for senior poetry and for the Bible quiz.  We also came second in the debating, drama, and Māori perspective speech.

Congratulations to SHGC team members Bonnie Hansen, Diya Kurien, Emma White, Alyssa Bautista, Pieta Bouma, Kellie Petrin Taylor Smith, Clare Vincent, Jazmine Fomotor, Aylish Waldron, Bibi Grainer, Tyler Grant, Angel Benny, Caitlin Te Puia, Alisha Jacob and Cristina Baby.