Distance Learning Guidelines for Parents/Whānau

Please refer to our Distance Learning Guidelines for Students here.

We are ready to continue providing high quality teaching and learning to our students. However, at SHGC we thrive on face to face relationships and interactions, and building community, so this is new to us too. Our teachers and learning assistants have worked very hard to make the transition as smooth as possible.

We won’t always get it right but we have aligned our plans to our vision, mission and virtues so we have good intentions, and we continue to support your daughter to strengthen her learning and well-being. It is essential that neither is compromised. This is why we are keeping it simple, familiar, flexible and with reasonable expectations of students, staff and whānau. We are confident that our technology is capable of supporting our plans.

This is still an unsettling period for many of our community and we want you to know that we understand if your daughter has concerns for her learning, especially senior students. If it helps, this is a message received from a former student: since we are not attending University physically, they have made everything available for online learning. It’s a bit of a struggle for most students, but I have seen that the students from SHGC have an advantage at this due to most of our work from the last few years being online … So I would like to note that it’s a very good learning plan SHGC has and … SHGC girls are some of the only ones not freaking out because we’re used to it!

Although this has been very disruptive, the discomfort of the shift has real advantages for learning beyond the school gates; this is an opportunity to develop learning dispositions!

This is a guide and an attempt to answer the general and most frequently asked … here goes!

What can we expect from SHGC teachers? What parents need to do.
Teachers will be uploading learning activities for the week on to google classroom and communicating through the classroom platform or email Nothing other than encourage your daughter to check the ‘classroom’ regularly as well as check her school emails. Encourage her to ask questions of her teacher. Check she is keeping up. Trust her to do the right thing too!
Teachers will keep a track of work completion and give some feedback on your daughter’s learning and progress. We encourage you to make a plan with your daughter to ensure learning is prioritised. Make sure the plan works for you and your whānau in your Bubble!
Your daughter’s CCM Companion (Mentor) will contact her via online (Google Meet) on Tuesday from 11.50am Answer the phone please! Encourage your daughter to be open and honest with her Mentor about how things are going for you in lockdown, the difficulties you have and the help you need. We can support you!
There will be general messages and updates via email from teachers, students and even the Principal! Remind your daughter to check her emails and action anything that needs a response.
Mrs Jackson, Deputy Principal, will inform students about changes to NCEA. Do not worry. When this information is available it will be circulated widely. NZQA has this in hand!
We will support your daughter’s wellbeing throughout this unsettled time. Be aware that our priority is your daughter’s health and wellness and the work we do in Ako and CCM will continue. Encourage your daughter to check in with her CCM Companion. If she is struggling, encourage her to talk to her Companion, a Dean or one of our Guidance Counsellors at the school.
Frequently Asked Questions Our Response
My daughter has forgotten her password, what do I do? Your daughter should contact her CCM Companion who will be able to tell her it.
How does my daughter access her school email account? Open Google Gmail and enter her school Google Gmail address and password.
What if my daughter can’t access her google classroom? Your daughter should email her subject teacher and ask for the ‘invite’ to be resent.
Does my daughter have to be on line at any particular times? YES. For the duration of the Lockdown, we have set AKO and GOLD time when all students must be on line*. At other times, there may be Google Meets set up by subject teachers and they would be expected to ‘attend’. Teachers will choose a suitable timetabled class time. However, we also understand that your internet connection may not cope with multiple users on line, particularly if you are also working from home. It’s OK!
Is school optional during the Lockdown? NO. Your daughter is expected to engage with the learning that teachers have uploaded for the week. However, other than the 3 set times, and the online meetings set up by subject teachers, your daughter will self-manage her learning.
What do I do if my daughter is unable to complete the activities or assignments? Encourage your daughter to communicate with her teachers or Learning Mentor and let them know what is happening for you.
Other schools are creating virtual classrooms and running the timetable as before, why isn’t SHGC doing the same? We are in a lockdown situation, which puts added pressure and stress on students and their families within their Bubbles. We want you and your daughter to have the flexibility and freedom to make distance learning best suit your whanau’s needs.
How can I best support my daughter’s learning during the lockdown? In the same way as you already do: be encouraging, plan the week, communicate, have agreements in place and leave her to it. Her teachers will be doing their part too.
My daughter is REALLY worried about her NCEA assessments and qualifications. What do we do about this? Keep calm and carry on! Trust us to work with your daughter to get through this. For now, focus on what she can do and leave the system to carry the burden. At home, your daughter will be fully engaged in authentic learning in ways never imagined. Notice it and congratulate her for it!
I am worried about my daughter’s mental health and well-being at this time. What can I do to support her? Contact her CCM Companion first. They will listen to your concerns and connect you with someone who will be able to advise, if they can’t, such as a Dean or one of our counsellors. However, if you have serious concerns for her safety, call 111.
How can I find out what my daughter should be studying? Ask to see her Google Classroom. Subject teachers will be providing feedback so long as work is submitted! Contact teachers via email if you are concerned.
When can we contact teachers? You or your daughter can contact teachers during normal school hours (8.30-3pm). We aim to respond within 48 hours. However, please remember, some teachers could be responding to 150 students. Be kind to us!

*Tuesday period 3. Thursday period 4.

If we haven’t answered your question, please contact your daughter’s CCM Companion or subject teacher and ask them directly.

Seniors: as far as possible, subject teachers will ensure any assessment that can be submitted on line will be. Other assessments that were due to take place as the Lockdown was announced will be rescheduled if they cannot be completed or submitted on line.

Juniors: as far as possible, subject teachers have provided a range of activities that will prioritise continuity and progression through the curriculum areas. Our teachers are coming up with innovative ways to capture evidence of achievement in all learning areas. Be prepared for the use of video and podcast!

School Karakia
We have introduced a school karakia which we pray together in CCM and assembly. You might like to use it as we start our day:

Me inoi tātou (let us pray)

Ki te ingoa
O te Matua
O te Tamaiti
O te Wairua Tapu

May the blessing of tō tātou kaihanga be upon us all today
May we be God’s presence for each other.
May our kura be a tohu o tūmanako
May we use our heads to know
Our hearts to love
And our hands to serve

And so today I choose to live life wholeheartedly
And I choose to be present in all I do

O Sacred Heart, O fount of love
Make us like thee forever more.

Ki te ingoa
O te Matua
O te Tamaiti
O te Wairua Tapu

If the lockdown is lifted, we are likely to step down to Level 3. We will know more on Monday and we will inform you of the arrangements. If you require further guidance, after exhausting all the avenues above, please email: hearts@shgcham.school.nz and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

Kia ora.

Catherine Gunn