Distance Learning Policy

Distance Learning @SHGC policy

We are working to the following plan for our learners to help them continue with their studies:

Connecting online
As far as possible, we have checked on the access to devices and internet connection for all our students. If your daughter has not provided this information, please contact her CCM teacher or hearts@shgcham.school.nz. We will endeavour to offer both online and offline options for study.

Setting up at home
We encourage all learners to set themselves up with a daily structure and learning space and to plan their day in order to maintain a helpful routine and healthy balance.

How will the learning work?
All Learning Areas are planning a range of activities for students, and we have also discussed how teachers will connect with students directly. This plan will be shared with students and will be updated by teachers as necessary, depending on how long the school is closed. Note that, in some practical subjects, it will not be possible to complete practical tasks that require the use of school facilities. Alternative tasks will be offered.

Seeking help from teachers
Students will be able to access their teachers through the usual channels during the week (normal school hours). However, we will have formal connection times for mentoring and general feedback during normal Ako/CCM on Tuesdays and GOLD Time on Thursdays. Teachers will endeavour to respond to student queries within 48 hours. If a teacher is unwell or unavailable, we will communicate this to students via email.

The online platforms we will use are Google Classroom, Gmail, Google docs/slides and Google Meet. Teachers may also create other recorded digital lessons. Our students are familiar with most of these platforms already. Education Perfect is a learning programme that all students are likely to use extensively to support distance learning.

Assessment and NCEA
We are continuing to follow our NCEA assessment policy, in line with ongoing instruction and guidance from NZQA. If the school is closed for a period of time when assessments were going to be set, Learning Areas may defer assessment and alter deadlines. If assessments are usually set and submitted through Google Classroom/Google docs then assignments submitted by students online will be marked as normal. We will work to ensure that assessments continue to be reliably and consistently managed. NZQA will implement learning from previous crisis such as Christchurch earthquakes.

Whanau support
You can support your daughter’s learning by checking in with them and their learning plan each day. Encourage them to take breaks, get out in the fresh air and maintain a balance of online and offline time. If you do not have home access to the internet, please contact the school and we will try to help. Distance learning looks very different from school and we do not expect to replicate the school experience at home!