Congratulations all the students who decided to get ACTIVE and participate in this year’s school x-country event. We had perfect weather and an excellent group of girls who decided to get involved.

Top 10 placings per age group now qualify for the WBOPSS X-Country champs next Wednesday 7 June 2017. This year, the event will be held at the Hamilton Gardens – close enough to pop down and support the girls.



1st         Ruby Sinclair

2nd        Gemma Horan

3rd         Libby Singer

3rd         Kitty McInerney

4th         Gabby Mailer

5th         Kiera Roberts

6th         Alicia Craig

7th         Hunter-Rose Earl

8th         Hayley Fulton

9th         Zxy Cullen

10th       Raena Dominique-Lescano


Juniors (U16 as at 31/12/17)

1st         Krystie Solomon

2nd        Amelia Hunt

3rd         Quinn Tierney

4th         Dhanya King

5th         Erin Tickelpenny

6th         Brooke Batters

7th         Bridie Case-Miller

8th         Maggie Lowe

9th         Pippa Johns

10th       Eden Whittaker


Seniors (U19 as at 31/12/17)

1st          Siobhan Hayman

2nd        Christine Fraser-Jones

3rd         Kayla Goodwin

4th         Charlotte Chatwin

5th         Kaitlin Oliver

6th         Pieta Bouma

7th         Sarah Stokes

8th         Greer Finnigan

8th         Sarah Moorhouse

9th         Maya Pearson

10th       Caitlynn O’Toole