Senior Prizegiving 2019

Special Awards were presented to:

Ihaia Rosebowl for Outstanding Contribution to Sport – Carter Haddon

Kaverman Trophy for Outstanding Sportsperson of the Year – Kayla Goodwin

Optima Award for service and leadership as head student – Tietie Kaninteang

Bernice Mary Hughes Memorial Cup for Outstanding Contribution to the Arts – Bridget Easto, Caitlin Hernandez

Mahuta Family Trophy for Leadership in Māori Language and Culture – Nikita Toia

Assisi Cup awarded to the student who has worked to achieve class unity and harmony and through her actions has shown selflessness and general friendliness – Ella Watson

Heart to Heart Award to the student who cares about others and involves themselves wholeheartedly in social action – Emma Brown, Ella Watson

Age Quod Agis awarded to the senior student who best exemplifies the school motto, in attitude to leadership within the school, in academic, cultural, sporting and service areas – Claudia Fransen, Tietie Kaninteang 

Proxime Accessit – Shania Bonenkamp

Dux for 2019 – Jasmina Singh

A full list of recipients can be found here.

Dux – Jasmina Singh

Assisi Cup – Ella Watson