Will you be our Lacrosse Coach?

Outstanding opportunity to develop your growth mindset!

Sacred Heart is in need of a Lacrosse Coach! Don’t know how to play Lacrosse?? No problem!! Here is an opportunity to learn a new skill and help our students succeed in this seemingly unconventional NZ sport.

You don’t have to know ANYTHING about the game, but instead have an enthusiasm for developing our students in their ability to work as a team and improve their skills.

We need a coach who can commit to running practices before or after school and is able to attend games on a Saturday morning in Cambridge.

BONUS: there is some element of financial payment to this role (but lets be fair, seeing the success of the girls enjoying Lacrosse is worth more than money, right??)

If you are interested in helping us out, please contact Daisy Morris (TIC Lacrosse) ASAP. The season starts in Term Two.