Congratulations to the Senior Council for 2017. The girls were named at a special full school assembly on Monday 5 December. We wish them well in their roles for the upcoming year!

Head Girl Lily Winthrop
Deputy Head Girl Special Character Kylee Nobilo
Deputy Head Girl Learning Libby McConnell
Mission Leader Maria Franicevic
Māori Perspective Leader Alisha Orange & Regina Tuwhangai
Pasifika Perspective Leader Jocelyn Zeke
Student Well-being Leader Emily Bailey
Environmental Leader Keira McGregor
Cultural Diversity Leader Ravindi Pathirana
International Student Leader Mint Alongkorntaksin
Technology Leader Kendall Miles
Publicity/Communications Leader Nadia De Jesus
Arts Leader Pippin Stubbs
Sports Leader Lucile Richardson
BOT Representative Angelique Tui Samoa
Barbier House leader Kaitlyn Shields
Barbier Deputy House Leader Emma Hope
Aubert House leader Milly Farrell
Aubert Deputy House Leader Kate Gavin
Avila House leader Ailise Hall
Avila Deputy House Leader Madeleine Stokes
Lisieux House leader Georgia Fitzwater
Lisieux Deputy House Leader Greer Finnagan
MacKillop House Leader Ally Smit
MacKillop Deputy House Leader Emily O’Connor
Siena House Leader Martha Williams
Siena Deputy House Leader Annabelle Rice