Thank you to all the talented young women who submitted artwork for the Student Diary Cover Competition. After much consideration, the votes are in and the Winner for the 2018 Student Diary is Mary Barrozo! Congratulations Mary.

Also, congratulations to our 2 runner ups, Krystie Solomon and Neave O’Toole.



All students were invited to design a cover for next year’s 2018 Student Diary. Entry Conditions were as follows:

a) The Design must be original and created by the student themselves.
b) The Design must be ‘G’ RATED.
c) *Reflect “COMMUNITY” – the school theme for the year (being one together, doing things together, helping each other, loving our neighbour(s)).
d) Must have the words “Sacred Heart Girls’ College” & “Student Diary 2018” written on it.
e) Students can use any technology available to them.
f) The student is to provide a brief ‘story’ explaining the design.

Students can view the current diary as an exemplar.

All the designs are amazing! Tumeke for the wonderful effort.