2020 Outward Bound Scholarship

The College and the Mission College Hamilton Trust Board invite applications for the 2020 Outward Bound Scholarship. The purpose of the scholarship is to assist Sacred Heart Girls’ College students, who are up and coming leaders, to further develop their skills in leadership. Applicants will have demonstrated the potential to lead in our College Community. However, they may not yet have had the opportunity to excel in this area of personal development and, given this opportunity, would benefit the wider community of Sacred Heart Girls’ College.

Provision of the Scholarship demonstrates the Mission College Hamilton Trust Board’s ongoing commitment to provide educational opportunities for our students and to bring life to the school’s Vision Statement – “To empower young women to strive for personal excellence and become leaders of the future”.

The scholarship provides opportunities for personal awareness and development, and mental and social challenge. It enables students to develop self-reliance, empathy for others, to examine their beliefs and values, and provide skills as members of a team.


The student must:

  • Be enrolled and attend Sacred Heart Girls’ College, Hamilton at the time of application and when the course takes place.
  • Have maintained a satisfactory level of attendance.
  • Be of the age required for the course as stipulated by Outward Bound. (16-18 years at the time of application and at the commencement of the course).

Applications are open now. Closing date for applications is Term 3, Week 8, Monday 9th September, 2019.

Outward Bound Course Dates: Monday 6th to Sunday 26th January, 2020.

View information and application form here

2020 Student Scholarships

The Board of Trustees offer Scholarship opportunities for both new and current students in the areas of Catholic Character, Academic, Arts, Cultural and Sports. Full details can be found here.

Students are now invited to apply for these Scholarships. Applications must be received by 6th December, 2019.

Please complete the application form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeCGjUdYJU-jP-UVSvhqj10nY7PFGGlXnngqtsFnHP3Qpskxg/viewform

If you have problems accessing the application form please contact the Executive Officer, pa@shgcham.school.nz.

Applicants will be advised of the Principal’s decision by the 31st January, 2020. The decision is final.

Note: The Scholarships for 2020 are currently subject to Board approval.

2019 Special Character Student Scholarship

The Board of Trustees (BoT) each year offers Year 10-12 students the opportunity to apply for a Special Character Student Scholarship award, from a fund of up to $2000.

The intention of this award is to provide a financial contribution to a student(s) to attend a Special Character event. Ideally, the scholarship would be awarded to a senior student(s) who has demonstrated Special Character (Mission, Communion and Contemplation).

Applications for this scholarship are closed for 2019.

If you have trouble viewing the links please email: pa@shgcham.school.nz.