On Thursday 1st November we gathered as a school community for Mass, not only to celebrate All Souls Day but to give thanks for the school year. Some students are nearing the end of their first year at Sacred Heart, some are about to have their final days here. The same applies to members of our staff and we particularly think of Miss Packer and Mr Kendrick who retire at the end of the year. This was also our first mass with Fr Darren and we would like to extend a big thank you to him for the warm and friendly celebration he led. Year 13 students played a significant part in this mass with the bringing in of candles to represent Christ’s light which will stay with them as they leave, our offertory was taken up by Mrs Maree Nobilo and Jamie Nobilo (Yr 13), Jamie, like a number of our students, is the youngest and last member of her family to be at Sacred Heart.

At the conclusion of Mass all Year 13 students passed through a pathway lined by the school community who proudly and loudly called the haka-powhiri to welcome these students into their next stage of life.