During Terms 2 & 3, Year 10 students visited the Vinnies Centre in Frankton. It was a great opportunity for students to serve in the community, by preparing hot meals for those who can’t always afford their own. It was also a blessing to have used some of the food that was donated through the school’s food drive, to provide these meals.

‘Vinnies’ plays a significant role in the lives of the less privileged by supplying much of their daily necessities. It was awesome to see that our girl’s efforts served a great cause and it was very rewarding to see the smiles on their faces as they returned to school.

This service has tied in nicely with our school focus this year of making ‘Mission Possible.’ Through this act of service, students used their Head, Heart and Hands to put into practice the teachings/skills learned at school. For example: collaborating, delegating, taking risks, reasoning, and giving of themselves to others.