b'Mission & LeadershipYoung Women witha Heart for the WorldW e want our students to grow a heart for justice, toshapeandchangetheworldforthebetter. Therefore,ourleadershipopportunitiesfocus our head, heart and hands on service for the benefit of the community. Servant Leadership is the style of leadership that aligns with our Special Character and Charism: Communion, Contemplation,Mission.Therefore,weprovideleadership training that is mindful of the attributes of the servant leader, as well as developing a range of skills to prepare students for leadership roles in the future.Leadershipopportunitiesextendacrossavarietyofareas including formal roles, for senior students: Head Girl, Deputy Head Girl, Special Character Leader, Catholic Action Leader, LiturgyLeader,ServiceLeader,EnvironmentLeaderas well as leaders of Mori, Pasifika, the Arts, Sport, Cultural Diversity, House and Student Wellbeing. Students are also encouraged to identify an area of school life that would benefit from their leadership.Students also benefit from the opportunity to challenge themselves and participate in The DukeofEdinburghAwardSchemes,The SpiritofAdventureandOutwardBound. Otheropportunitiesarealsoofferedto students as they arise throughout the year. Examples include World Challenge.11'