b'Pastoral CareYoung Women of Faith and DignityR especting the value and dignity of the individual is key to the success of building positive relationships that develops our Special Character and Charism. With their teacher Companion and Learning Mentor/Coach, students are placed at the centre of their learning and are given the best possible assistance to grow as confident, connected, responsible learners for life. In line with our virtues and values, we engage restorative practices to build, enhance and restore relationships across our learning community.The relevance of Faith development is a challenging area for the contemporary world and, at Sacred Heart Girls College, we approach this critical area of formation by journeying with our young women, towards a realisation of the already intrinsic presence of God in their lives. Central to this is the discernment of personal vocation, through communion, contemplation and mission. We want our young women to discover their passion and purpose and match the Zeal of Euphrasie Barbier.TheCompanions,LearningMentors/Coaches,Deans,GuidanceCounsellor, AttendanceOfficer,CareersCounsellor,ourChaplainandDiocesanYouth Ministers all have a specific role to play in the pastoral care and well-being of our students. A Deputy Principal has overall responsibility for the processes and practices in place for Student Learning, Engagement and well-being. Allstaffandstudentsarecontributorstoasafe,positiveanddignified atmosphere for learning and personal growth.Experience and research tells us that students are most successful when families and school are fully engaged and connected with their childs learning and experiences at school. We believe in developing educationally effective partnerships with our students and their families and whnau. Where appropriate, we engage them with external agencies when extra support may be needed.We have high standards and expectations for all who are a part of Sacred Heart Girls College. This is a place where we respect ourselves, each other and the environment. Our carefully considered policies on behaviour and school uniform reflect this and they extend beyond the school grounds: to the sports field, the local transport, the local community and any time students are in uniform or representing our College. We have a dignified and respected reputation in the Waikato; we want this to continue.13'