b'CommunionContemplationMission Mission & LearningYoung Women with power for learningA geQuodAgisistheresultofadynamic approach to all we pursue at Sacred Heart Girls College. We have a holistic approach tolearning.Engagingthehead,heartandhands is a powerful driver for our students to excel and surpass their personal best, maintain their dignity and integrity, while immersed in a Faith formation that reflects our Mission Charism.Ourcommitmenttopowerfullearningis demonstratedthroughmodernandample resources, capable and motivated teachers, and an environment that fosters a love of learning in all its dimensions. We offer an experience that encourages anappreciationofculture,theArts,theplaceof Science and Technology in our world and the growth of personal responsibility.We are very proud of our students who consistently achieve a high level of success in National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) exams. We also have success at NCEA Scholarship level. A significant proportionofourstudentscontinuetheir educationattertiarylevelwithmany ofthemachievingsubstantial universityscholarshipsto support their study, including International Students.15'