b'Our StoryT he arrival of the RNDM Sisters, in July 1884, to provideInhonouroftheRNDMSisters,andtheirpioneering a Christian education for the children of early settlersspiritandcourage,SacredHeartGirlsCollegewill (30 girls and boys!), paved the way for Sacred Heartcontinue to develop an inclusive, innovative, creative and GirlsCollege,Hamilton.TheSisterswereinspiredbyatechnology-rich culture of learning and teaching that is daring and courageous vision that led them to take risks andappropriate,engagingandformativeforallmembers reach out to the margins of society. The harsh conditions ofof our community, supported by contemporary, flexible the Waikato, after the bloody land wars of the 1860s, wasand agile spaces that reflect our communitys beliefs the place of Mission for the four pioneer Sisters of Our Ladyand values about learning: spaces that support learning of the Missions (RNDM). and teaching as acts of Communion, Contemplation and Mission. We will continue to respond to the changing This arrival story is captured in the commemorative stainedlandscapeofeducation,pushingboundariesand glasswindowcommissionedin1995tocelebratetheplacingstudentsatthecentreofourdecisionsina presence and work of the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missionspositive, healthy school culture. We will continue to be in the Waikato. The shades of colour, seen in the river anda beacon of Social Justice with a Heart for Mission in a thepastureland,representboththepatternsoflifeasglobal community, where our young women will have well as the strength of a community when it unites, whichopportunitiestobeproactiveagentsofchangefora is also represented in traditional Mori tukutuku pattern.better world. The pukeko is a reference to whnau: pukekos will adopt motherless chicks and treat them as their own. The richSet Your Heart on Sacred Heart and continueYOUR produce of the local land, seen in the wheatsheaf, the workstorywithus.Inspiredbythevisionandstoryof of human hands, is a reference to the place upon which ourEuphrasie Barbier, a courageous woman of deep school sits: the garden centre of the Waikato.contemplative prayer and missionary action, you will benefit your future story as you The Koru pattern, also resembling a eucharistic host, risesset yourself on a pathway to success out of the river and embraces the world, as a sunrise, withinbeyond the school gates, where the which can be seen the distinctive cross of the Mission Sisters.world needs your sacred heart.Thelineofgold,asymbolofVirtue,andtheinquisitive fantail, a symbol of curiosity, learning and Knowledge are the V and K seen on the school crest. The soft hues that encourage the eyes to look up towards the heavens in a moment of contemplation as the nurturing of spirit, mind and body liberates us for rebirth, resurrection and Hope. In essence, we see an image of Communion, Contemplation and Mission: our Catholic Character and Charism.Set your heart on Sacred Heartand make your story part of our story'