For our final production together, the Year 13’s performed the fast moving kaleidoscope that is ‘Love & Information’ written by the incredible Caryl Churchill. It is filled with many different characters trying to navigate this thing we call life. We thoroughly enjoyed the whole process and of being a part of something that we are all very proud of. Our class weren’t too sure about this play when we first laid eyes on it: 32 scenes, all unrelated, no specific characters and an unlabelled script. But, we quickly came to love it and began looking forward to performing it.

This year’s group of Year 13 students was such a good one and this allowed us to pull off two awesome nights of shows. It was great being able to see the audience react correctly to certain scenes. Many thanks to the Year 11’s who helped with the lighting, we wouldn’t have been able to do it without you; the audience, who really created an amazing atmosphere; Mr Jones, for doing some amazing photography of us in the middle of our greatness, and to Twilight, the gorgeous Belgian Shepherd who captured everyone’s heart. Finally, a massive thank you to Miss Vaile, who had to put up with us for all this time and who directed the masterpiece.