Visas and Insurance


You will need a visa to enter and study in New Zealand. Please see the New Zealand Immigration website for details.

Also, everyone travelling to New Zealand by air must complete a declaration, and receive a Traveller Pass, before they travel. This includes New Zealand citizens and residents, children and infants. Complete your New Zealand Traveller Declaration online.


International students are required to have appropriate medical and travel insurance for the duration of their stay in New Zealand.  These insurance policies must comply with the New Zealand Government Code of Practice for Pastoral Care of International Students which is part of Immigration New Zealand’s requirements.

You may either purchase your own insurance, or purchase insurance through the school. We arrange our insurance through Uni-Care

If you wish to purchase your insurance through the school, please ensure the medical information section on the application form is completed fully and accurately to ensure appropriate coverage for any pre-existing conditions.

If you are providing your own insurance, please email an English copy of the policy details to once purchased.