Buses and Transport

There are a range of bus services available to and from the College. For students using private transport, conditions apply.

Bus Services

Go Bus (Public)

  • View the Go Bus routes locally and within the region. There are a number of buses that travel to, or near, Sacred Heart.
  • Learn about the Bee Card, and the Transit app
  • Buses and Transport
  • Buses and Transport

Ministry of Education

  • All Ministry of Education (MOE) ‘out of town’ school buses to Sacred Heart Girls’ College are free services and students qualify based on residence. 
  • Students who reside in areas serviced by public transport do not qualify for Ministry-funded school buses.
  • Please refer to the list of Bus Routes for services available to the College. 
  • There are no formal requirements to be completed by parents to use these services. The school uses enrolment information to determine entitlement and to compile the bus lists. 
  • Parents are asked to contact the operating bus company for specific details of pick-up and drop-off points and approximate times.

School Transport Assistance

  • Students who live more than 4.8kms from the College may be entitled to a transport allowance where no suitable public transport service is available. Those who have convenient public transport are not eligible. This means those who live within the Hamilton City boundary are not eligible. 
  • The transport allowance also applies to students who need to travel 4.8kms to their Ministry school bus stop. No allowance is paid for the first 2.4kms for a student taken in a private vehicle to the nearest bus stop. 
  • A public transport allowance may be available for special needs students. 
  • For more information about transport assistance and eligibility criteria, visit the MOE website or the application form can be completed here.

Bus Safety

  • Students must use safe practices when using school buses, particularly when boarding and disembarking on main roads. 
  • We expect that Sacred Heart students in uniform will demonstrate their best “head, heart and hands” behaviour on buses.     
  • All our school buses have Year 13 Bus Monitors to ensure appropriate and safe behaviour is maintained on the buses at all times. 


Student Transport

  • The health and safety of students is paramount. Parents, please discuss the safe and appropriate use of the chosen mode of private transport with your child and ensure they understand and will abide by the relevant traffic laws and regulations.
  • When using their own transport to travel to and from school, students must be considerate of our local residents, their homes, and access ways. 
  • Students bring a private mode of transport to school at their own risk. The College takes no responsibility for loss or damage.

Private Vehicles

  • The school does not provide onsite parking. 
  • Students are to be familiar with and observe Hamilton City Council parking regulations. 
  • Students using private vehicles to provide the make, model, colour and rego plate number to the Student Centre team. This is for safety reasons, and Mr Rogers can provide more background to individuals if requested.
  • You must have the appropriate license.
  • You may not take passengers if your license does not allow it.
  • The vehicle, including any damage or break-ins, is your sole responsibility.
  • Ensure you remove or hide any items that may encourage theft. 


  • A helmet must be worn at all times when cycling.
  • A bicycle rack can be found adjacent to the Gymnasium.
  • On arrival at the school grounds, bicycles will be walked to the bicycle rack. This is the only location for bicycle storage.
  • Ensure the bicycle is locked. 

Electric Scooters

  • The user of an electric scooter must be 18 years or older.
  • A helmet must be worn at all times when operating an electric scooter.
  • A bicycle rack can be found adjacent to the Gymnasium which can be used to secure an electric scooter.
  • On arrival at the school grounds electric scooters are to be walked to the bicycle rack. This is the only location for electric scooter storage.
  • Use of a Lime scooter on school grounds is not permitted.