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School Bus services in Level 2

Our school bus services will resume normal operations from Thurs 9th Sept.  The following is the advice we have from the Bus company :
MoE has advised us that face coverings are not required on school transport. This is because schools are required to know who is being transported and schools having good systems in place to identify potential close contacts.  All schools must maintain up-to-date bus lists for school transport services to enable contact tracing to take place if required.
 While masks are not mandatory they are recommended by the school.

Procedures for School Bus use

All Ministry of Education school buses to Sacred Heart are free services and students qualify based on residence. Please refer to Bus Information and Bus Routes for the list of services operating to Sacred Heart. There are no formal requirements to be completed by parents to use these services. The school uses enrolment information to determine entitlement and to make the bus lists. Parents are asked to contact the operating bus company for specific details of pick up and drop off points and approximate times.

Please note: Students who reside in areas serviced by public transport do not qualify for Ministry funded school buses.

Transport Assistance

a)     Students who live more than 4.8kms from the College may be entitled to a transport allowance where no suitable public transport service is available. Those who have suitable public transport are not eligible. In effect this means those who live within the Hamilton City boundary are not eligible. The transport allowance also applies to students who have to travel 4.8kms to their Ministry school bus stop. No allowance is paid for the first 2.4kms a student is taken by private car to the nearest bus stop.  For more information visit the MOE website: Transport Eligibility or download application form can be downloaded here

b)     A public transport allowance may be available for special needs students.  For more information visit the MOE website: Learning Support Travel Assistance or download application form can be downloaded here

Further information can be obtained on the Ministry of Education website


Please remind your daughter(s) of the need for safe practices when using school buses particularly when embarking and disembarking on main roads. All our school buses have Year 13 bus monitors to ensure appropriate and safe behaviour is maintained on the buses at all times. However, students need to ensure their own safety is managed, particularly when there is a need to cross roads on leaving their bus.

Please refer any concerns to Mr David Lang, Bus Controller, dlang@shgcham.school.nz

Your feedback and comments are welcomed.

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