Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

The use of digital tools in both learning and professional realms is accelerating. Our young women must be equipped with robust digital literacy skills to thrive in today’s dynamic world.

We strongly recommend the purchase of a Windows laptop as this is the most suitable laptop for most subjects.

We DO NOT encourage purchasing or using Tablets, Chrome Books, iPads, and mobile phones as these do not meet our requirements. APPLE laptops should only be purchased where there is a subject-specific need, i.e. Music or Media.

Special offers are available from these retail partners:

You will find further information on BYOD here

Ensuring BYOD Devices are ‘Learning Ready’ at our School

Our school uses Linewize’s Connect software to ensure that devices are used effectively while at school to support students’ academic success, including BYOD devices.

Linewize ensures the following:

  • Teachers are able to guide students more effectively during lessons, including managing access to the internet and/or device applications and focusing students to specific internet resources in alignment with lesson objectives.
  • Consistent visibility of students’ screens during lessons across the entire desktop, including all applications and browsers used.
  • Deeper visibility of student behaviours on BYOD devices while on the school network.
  • Compliance on BYOD devices – in order to ensure the above.

Student privacy is taken seriously.  

For more detailed information click here.


Sacred Heart is a Google school. The use of the Google platform enables us to learn and teach anywhere, anytime. 

Every student has an email (Gmail account). Each school email address is in the format

We will tell you your username and password and ensure you can log in and access your email, WIFI and more during your first week of school. Please check your school email and notices every day

The Google Classroom feature of the platform has been used for some time and enables kaiako and ākonga to remain engaged in learning from a distance if we need to.

Once you have access to Google Classroom, go to the Student Hub. You will find notes on printing, installing software, accessing your timetable, and more. We will tell you your username and password and ensure you can log in and access your email, WIFI and more during your first week of school. Please check your school email and notices every day.

Other Software

Education Perfect is a curriculum-aligned teaching and learning platform. 


ETV is an online video platform for educators in New Zealand. Every student has access to ETV, including movies, TV channels, recordings, and more. It also includes access to DVDs that teachers have uploaded

Printing Credit

Students can obtain printing credit from the Accounts Office in the Notre Dame Building. Alternatively, students can pay by EFTPOS – the machine located in the Student Centre. Students will need their EFTPOS card and student ID number.

Large sums of money will be handed to the receptionist at the Student Centre for safekeeping. The school accepts no responsibility for loss.

Use of Mobile Phones and Other Devices

See the Standards and Expectations page.

Loan laptops

The College has a very limited supply of laptops available to families who find it a financial burden to purchase their own laptop.

A bond of $200 per year ($50 per term) is charged. Payment can be made in instalments if preferred. The bond will be refunded or credited to the student’s account at the end of the year unless the agreement conditions are breached. The laptop agreement includes the conditions, which must be signed before providing the laptop.

  1. If your daughter would like to borrow a laptop during 2024, please complete this Google form.
  2. Then you can then make an appointment here for your daughter to collect the laptop from the I.T. room next to the hall. Parents do not need to attend.

If your daughter requires their own laptop set up, you can also make an appointment using the same form.

If you have any BYOD queries, please contact Mrs Amanda Reid, Systems Leader