Learning Areas

Learning Areas

At Sacred Heart Girls’ College, we prepare students for their life journey of learning – now and beyond the school gates. Our programmes inspire and support them to develop into adaptable, confident and courageous young women.

The College is proud of its academic performance. We offer a broad and general education enabling students to specialise later in the fields of their choice. The journey through Senior School will become one of the most important and stimulating in their lives. 

Our teaching staff are experts in delivering a multi-layered curriculum and meeting National Curriculum goals and objectives. The subject courses and programmes, informed by the latest educational research and theory, are technology-rich, allowing for multi-modal learning and teaching. The curriculum has been designed around education extension, catering to all students’ academic, social, and spiritual development. 

In Year 9, students participate in a solid core curriculum. In Year 10, they pursue more individualised learning programmes containing a mix of core and elective studies, including NCEA Levels Certificate of Education.

A comprehensive range of opportunities is offered in Years 11-13 with additional internal and external enrichment activities. Students must study Religious Education at all levels, English at Levels One and Two, and Science and Mathematics at Level One. Students then choose their other subjects. 

More detailed information on each of the subjects can be found in the Learning Areas section of SchoolPoint – our online interactive course selection tool.