Your Sacred Heart

Your Sacred Heart

Find out about your timetable at Sacred Heart, what sort of technology we use at school, stationery requirements, buses and transport, and other day-to-day stuff!

Our Day

School starts at 8.30am each weekday, and finishes at 3.00pm. Students are expected to be in class at 8:30am.

There are four lessons each day, and each lesson is 75 minutes (an hour and 15 minutes) long. There are three breaks in the day and consistent daily change-over times.  

There are no “bells” – it is up to you to make sure you are in the right place at the right time :)

The timetable (structure of the day – ie. the times of the lessons and breaks) can be found here.

  • Your Sacred Heart
  • Your Sacred Heart
  • Your Sacred Heart

Unique aspects of our timetable include Ako, and Tāniko.

  • CCM stands for Communion, Contemplation, and Mission. CCM groups are mini-Faith communities where our Charism is explored, developed and practised. Your CCM group is a small class of students across different year levels. You will stay in the same CCM group and have the same CCM companion (teacher) during your time at Scared Heart Girls’ College.
  • For Break 1 (interval – 15 minutes) and Break 3 (lunchtime – 45 minutes), there are designated outdoor spaces around the school to relax and refuel. If the weather requires an indoor space (eg. it’s raining!), advice will be provided in the daily notice for alternate locations. This is usually in designated year groups.
  • Break 2 is a ‘microbreak’ for 10 minutes.
  • The Canteen is open daily for purchasing food at Break 1 (interval) and Break 3 (lunchtime).
  • Daily Notices are available via Student Announcements online, your CCM Companion, the student portal, and on the display panel in the Quad. Daily notices are the main method of communication with students. It is your responsibility to check the notices every day.

If you need help – head to the Student Centre.