Student Leadership

Student Leadership

In the senior years, students are encouraged to take up leadership opportunities. At Sacred Heart, leadership is about service, caring for one another, and celebrating differences. Our Student Leaders are role models for their fellow students and within the community.

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2024 Senior Council Leadership

Head GirlKate Monsma
Deputy Head Girl Catholic CharacterSarah Healy
Academic LeaderAbigail Wong
Mission LeaderAnne Kaninteang
Te Ao Māori  PerspectiveZyera Mitchell
Pasifika Perspective LeaderLavelua Kaufononga
Student Well-being LeaderIsabel Edsall
Cultural Diversity LeaderAndrea Vanzuela
Communications LeaderSamantha Gilman
Arts LeaderJosie Harder
Sports LeaderChantal Dinan
BOT Student RepresentativeNyasha Mupfurutsa

2024 House Leaders

Aubert Co-House LeadersNyasha Mupfurutsa & Alyssa Rodgers (Junior Leader)
Avila Co-House LeadersStevie-Lee Tiller & Christian-Ly Filipo (Junior Leader)
Barbier Co-House LeadersIsabella McClean & Shalom Laban (Junior Leader)
Lisieux Co-House LeadersAhaana Lal & Nixon Donaldson (Junior Leader)
MacKillop Co-House LeadersAshleigh Smith & Gabrielle Neho (Junior Leader)
Siena Co-House LeadersAbby Rollitt & Catherine Sinu (Junior Leader)