School Productions

Productions, Concerts and Arts showcases are a strong tradition at Sacred Heart Girls’ College. Our budding actresses, dancers, singers and musicians perform in front of peers or public audiences in dance, plays, and musical theatre productions.

Students will have the opportunity to take part in community events on stage performing in our own Creative Arts Centre or venues around the region. Full musical and theatrical shows are often a collaboration with St John’s College.

The Sound of Music (2023)

A highly talented and dedicated team of students, staff and volunteers from Sacred Heart and St John’s College united together to recreate this much-loved Rodgers & Hammerstein classic to life. In reimagining this classic, the story was told outside of strict historical timelines while retaining the essential story that speaks of standing firm to what you believe in, of love and family and of taking risks. 

The months of planning, rehearsals, costume and set-making all came to life in the Creative Arts Centre at Sacred Heart, performing to a sell out audience every night over 4 days. The addition of a sing-along show also went down a treat! Watch this space for our next show’s announcement!

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  • The Sound of Music 2023, Sacred Heart Girls
  • The Sound of Music 2023, Sacred Heart Girls

Big Fish (2021)

Over 50 students from Sacred Heart and St John’s College, staff and volunteers were involved in lifting the show off the ground, and without each and every one of them, we would never have been able to make it such a success. From the cast’s perspective, it was 5 months of laughter and hard work, learning harmonies, practicing choreography, and trying desperately to remember lines and blocking. The process of the production was something that brought us all together. Something that gave us that extra spark that had the audience shaking the Meteor with their applause and cheering. And that something came with every rehearsal, run-through, meeting, and show.

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  • School Productions
  • School Productions