Our Achievements

We want to hear if your daughter does well in her chosen sport. We realise girls don’t always shout out about their achievements and sometimes we don’t hear about it. Please tell us if your daughter has achieved a high level in her sport, or if she has made a contribution beyond simply playing a sport.

Examples of achievements are:

  • Selected to represent Waikato or higher honours
  • Qualified to compete at an elite level 
  • Wins at a Waikato / regional event (ie. top ranked at Waikato level)
  • Ranks/places top 10 nationally in an event / age group or weight division
  • Umpiring/coaching qualifications or contribution at Waikato or higher level

We may use this information to share with staff, celebrate on Facebook and/or the newsletter, acknowledge at an assembly or consider for Sports Awards honours. At the very least, we’ll make sure your daughter is acknowledged in some way here at College.

Please email: sports@shgcham.school.nz