Building Learning Power (BLP)

Our Vision Statement

Sacred Heart Girls’ College educates and inspires young women to be confident, connected, Catholic, learners for life; committed to excellence, ready to serve, to challenge and to shape the future.

When learners believe they can expand their minds and schools are places of enjoyment where students are sustained as lifelong learners, we have the capability to ‘dream big’ and grow positive citizenship for today and in the future.  The rich tapestry of diversity which includes our special Catholic character, makes SHGC an exciting place to be.  Ways you can build your learning power include using digital tools to help with collaboration and getting stuck in your learning to develop perseverance.

What students have to say about BLP:

“Incorporating BLP into the classroom has helped us push the boundaries of conventional learning by allowing us to become curious thinkers who are resilient in the pursuit of personal achievement.”

“BLP has allowed me to reflect on skills that I can integrate into my learning.”

“Building Learning Power? More like best learning programme!”

“BLP helps me to grow as a learner and a person.”

Use the check box below to review the learning behaviours you have used each week in school and in other places where learning occurs (sports, work, clubs, church, home”¦)

Learning Traits Confident Curious Reflective Relate to others
Definitions A confident learner believes in themselves, has the courage to take risks and try new things. A curious learner has an inquisitive, mind-set with a desire to explore ideas and acquire new knowledge. A reflective learner actively evaluates what they know, what they need to know, and how they bridge that gap. A learner can build and maintain positive relationships. And knows how to manage these to support learning.
BLP Learning Behaviours Questioning Questioning Questioning Questioning
Imagining Capitalising Making Linking Managing distractions
Reasoning Imagining Reasoning Absorption
Meta-learning Capitalising Capitalising Perseverance
Planning Distilling Distilling Interdependence
Revising Meta-learning Meta-learning Collaboration
Perseverance Noticing Planning Empathy & Listening
Interdependence Absorption Revising Imitation
Imitation Imitation Noticing
Collaboration Managing distractions
Empathy & Listening