Pastoral Care

Communion, Contemplation and Mission

Our school was started by a group of young women who had a passion for the glory of God and the salvation of souls. Their leader was a courageous French woman, Euphrasie Barbier, who overcame much to bring the good news of Jesus to Oceania. She taught her followers and students a special way of knowing and loving God through Communion, Contemplation and Mission; or CCM.

Here at Sacred Heart Girls’ College we continue to pass on and make Euphrasie’s special way, or charism, real through our efforts to build a faithful Community that has a hopeful and Contemplative heart and builds a just society through Mission activities. When we live this charism we share in Euphrasie’s zeal and we are “Age Quod Agis”.

CCM Groups and CCM Companions

All students are placed in a Communion, Contemplation and Mission Group (CCM Group) according to their House. These are vertical groups and have a mix of students from Year 9 through to Year 13. Students will remain in the same CCM Group supported by the same CCM Companion (teacher) for the duration of their time at Sacred Heart, with older girls able to help younger girls (tuakana teina) throughout their time here. Together they meet regularly during the week to share school information and to learn more about Euphrasie’s charism by doing activities centred on Communion, Contemplation and Mission. The CCM Companion is the first person to contact when students or parents have a query or concern.

Staff House Leaders

There are six House Staff Leaders, one for each house. They oversee the students in all house activities and assemblies. They also support and work with the Student House Leaders to plan events and build house spirit.

Dean Team

The Dean Team work alongside Senior Leaders, Guidance Counsellors, CCM Companions, Subject Teachers, Careers Advisor and the Attendance Officer to tend to each students pastoral care, learning programmes and career opportunities.

Guidance Counsellors

Where the problems or concerns are of a more confidential and personal nature, the Guidance Counsellor is a person you can talk with. Our Guidance Counsellors are available by appointment. They have the experience and expertise to provide support for any situation or issue our students may face. Part of this is training and working alongside the Y12 Wellbeing Team. Guidance Counsellors also have access to a network of outside services and specialists to support their work and care for students.

Student Well-being Team

This group of senior students have received training in order to help other students. They work with all year groups, in particular Year 9. They provide support and can assist students in a range of things e.g. friendship issues, not sure about schoolwork, want to join a club etc. You will see them around at interval and lunchtime. Feel free to chat with them.

International Peer Support (IPSers)

This group of students (IPSers) have been trained and allocated to an International student. IPSers assist International students to integrate quickly and happily into the school community. They offer friendship and support at all times.


Career and Pathway Education Programmes are delivered at each year level as part of the school curriculum or in CCM group time. All students are encouraged to seek advice when choosing school subjects and the options available to them. Appointments can be made with the Careers Advisor.