Senior Council 2022

Senior Council Leadership

Head Girl
Chipego Thebe

Kia Ora, ko Chipego Thebe toku ingoa. This year I have the great privilege and honour of representing Sacred Heart and our community as your Head Girl!

My roots originate from a beautiful country known as Zambia. I moved from Zambia to Aotearoa when I was five years old. I am the youngest in my family and have sisters, Lushomo and Silika, my twin. I love Netball, True-crime novels and Science!

I can’t begin to express the excitement that I have for the year ahead. This is the year of Hope! The year of Empowerment! The year of Whanaungatanga! One of my goals for this year is to encourage and nurture a community that all students and whānau feel proud to be a part of. For this reason, I have chosen a Whakatauki that will build my actions for the year.

Nā tō rourou, nā taku rourou ka ora ai te iwi
With your food basket and my food basket our People will thrive.

I have chosen this Whakatauki in particular as it acknowledges that like pieces of a puzzle, we each have a role to play in order for our community to flourish.  I encourage you all to bring your unique gifts, talents, and personalities into our community! Our Sacred Heart whānau simply thrives because you are a part of it. You are that piece of the puzzle that we need to complete us.

Deputy Head Girl Catholic Character
Ashley Bautista

Kia Ora! Ko Ashley Bautista toku ingoa. I am honoured and blessed to be serving you as the Deputy Head Girl Catholic Character for 2022.

I was born in The Philippines and moved to New Zealand when I was one year old. I have two older sisters who also attended Sacred Heart. Being here, in the same shoes that they once were in, is a great opportunity that I am grateful for and excited about!

My Catholic faith is something that I am very passionate about. It affects how I am perceived by others (persona), how I treat others, and all the decisions in my everyday life. My spiritual journey still continues and remains strong as I participate in my youth group, and along with this leadership role, I am able to work through God and serve others as my mission.

This school has offered me so many opportunities that I will be forever grateful for. Opportunities are gifts from God that have helped me put my talents into action.

My mission and goal for the year is to help young women create a strong bond with their faith, community and with themselves. We are all important pieces that make up our amazing school. Our mission is to show our talents and appreciation towards others as that brings us closer as a community. We are all gifted people whose talents are waiting to be ignited, “For the moment we find our mission is the moment we find our identity” Matthew 20:1-6.

Deputy Head Girl
Alana Oliver

Kia Ora Koutou! Ko Alana Oliver toku ingoa. My name is Alana Oliver and this year I have the honour and privilege of being your Deputy Head Girl of Learning.

A little bit about me! My family is made up of Dad, Mum, my dog, my two older sisters, and my two younger twin sisters, Jenni and Laura, who are both here at Sacred Heart! I love food and this stems from my love for baking and cooking. I also have a love and passion for sports, Netball in particular.

This year holds a lot of promise, excitement and room for growth. I hope to create and nurture a safe, comfortable, positive, and fun learning environment for all students here at Sacred Heart.

Learning is very important to me. For this reason, I promise to do my absolute best to ensure that every student feels supported and encouraged throughout their learning journey. Learning looks, sounds, and feels different for everyone, but the most important thing is understanding and finding your unique style of learning regardless of what that might look like. One of my goals for this year is to implement some great ideas, workshops, and activities that will help students throughout their 2022 learning journey.

This year, I encourage everyone to recognise that failure is a part of this journey and without mistakes there is no growth, so embrace your opportunities and never stop learning, because life never stops teaching.

Area Leaders

Mission Leader Silika Thebe
Māori Perspective Leader Amiria Te Rangi
Pasifika Perspective Leader Tebi Tabokaai
 Student Well-being Leader Christine Perera
 Environmental Leader Vanessa Thorn
 Cultural Diversity Leader Lute Wolfgram
 International Student Leader Yim Qi Su
 Technology Leader Ann Maria Thanangattu Paul
 Publicity/Communications Leader Mikayla Monahan
Arts Leader Anna Norris
Sports Leader Kiana Pohe-Bright
BOT Student Representative Avalldamarie Godinet

House Leaders

Aubert Co-House Leaders Lola Hennessey & Leia Stephenson
Avila Co-House Leaders Brodie Cox & Sophia Wenceslao
Barbier Co-House Leaders Judith Zeke & Louise Hildrick
Lisieux Co-House Leaders Tayla Heywood & Sina Neli
MacKillop Co-House Leaders Emma Wade & Isabella (Kevanni) Neho
Siena Co-House Leaders Maenielle Simpauco & Rose Cotter-Huxtable