Professional Learning through Building Learning Power

Building Learning Power (BLP) is the focus for our Professional Learning this year. As stated in the June newsletter last year, this is the work on Guy Claxton, a British educationalist.

BLP is in many schools, both here and overseas, and the change in learning mindsets of both the staff and the students show this to be a very effective way to improve students’ learning outcomes. This concept fits with so much we already have, especially our learning and teaching strategic goals.

  • It fits with our desire to address the learning needs of all.
  • It fits with our appraisal focus of inquiry/trialling /reflection/professional growth.
  • It is very much based on classroom practice.
  • It is not about a huge new programme imposed on teachers and students.
  • It is about tweaks, refinements and building a culture of learning, adding just a little bit more rather than overwhelming us all with a whole lot at once.
  • It is researched based.
  • It provides very digestible background material AND very practical concepts to take into the classroom.
  • It is about future focused learning.
  • Learners (both staff and students) are at the centre of the framework.
  • The learning traits are transferrable into multiple context, not just some subjects or at school alone.
  • It promotes ‘lifelong learning’ as described in the New Zealand curriculum.