Cheerleading Champions!

17 September 2023

Cheerleading at Sacred Heart is alive and strong! Meet your current National Champs!

  • Cheerleading Champions!

It seems that our Sacred Heart girls are pretty magnificent at cheerleading! Cheerleading is administered by Sacred Heart, and we work alongside Cheer Dynamix, which facilitates specialty coaches and equipment. On September 17, this group of amazing athletes became NATIONAL CHAMPIONS at the 2023 SPRING CARNIVAL & SCHOOLS SPECTACULAR, held in Auckland.

The team trained every Thursday afternoon to prepare for this competition. Training involves conditioning, stunting, tumbling, and a 45-second cheer. The girls really put in the Mahi and produced a fantastic performance on the day, and up against five different teams, they came out victorious!! Congratulations girls!

If you want to know more about Cheerleading, contact Joe Hinds, Sports Coordinator.