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HERstory began 135 years ago when the Mission Sisters founded the College in 1884. With the support of the Sacred Heart Girls’ College Board of Trustees we are capturing our rich history as we trace the footsteps of alumni through the years, by the establishment of a College archival website.

The key objective of the website is to create a repository in which past and current students, teachers and their families can visit to reminisce and reconnect through the photos, articles and stories of the many generations of women that have and will become part of our HERstory. It will also be an excellent research tool for current students and those people interested in learning more about our College.   

This purpose-built website features comprehensive search functionality to make inquiry easy.  Start reminiscing now, visit the site here:

Would you like to become part of HERstory?

  • Join our HERstory Facebook page – to keep up to date with our progress, help identify students in unmarked photos, share your stories, and connect with past and present students and staff.
  • If you have any Sacred Heart memorabilia please let us know so that we can connect with you and arrange to borrow these items to scan or photograph them. We are very interested in receiving uniforms, books (text or exercise books), hand-written reports and badges.
  • Tell your story – one of our goals is to share stories of your memories of the College on the website. (Plant a seed in the minds of your fellow students to stimulate their memories too). We can arrange an interview with you or you may prefer to write down your memories. Please contact Kirsten if you would like to talk about this further.

Your support and contribution to this project is vital to its growth and success.

Contact Details:
Kirsten Elliot
Archivist & Alumni Administrator
P: 07 856 7874

With your help, HERstory will become a living memory of our College.

Aspiring typists circa 1960's

Aspiring typists (1949)

The ground behind the school - Sister Michael's classroom

The ground behind the school – Sister Michael’s classroom (1947)

Form 6M (1978)

Form 6M (1978)

School Prefects (1948)