Board of Trustees’ Role

First and foremost, Boards are accountable for student achievement. They exercise their prime accountability by providing an environment for and monitoring the delivery of quality educational outcomes. They are responsible for ensuring that they focus their strategic planning on improving student achievement and teaching and learning programmes. This requires the Board to work towards continuous improvement and to:

  • use up to date information
  • use both internal and external data to identify strengths and weaknesses
  • set challenging targets for achievement
  • analyse closely, continually monitoring progress towards targets
  • make adjustments as necessary
  • 2021 Annual Report

Contact the Board

To contact the Board please email:

The Parent and Proprietor’s representatives welcome feedback and suggestions from the school community. The Trustees can be contacted via the above email address or write to: Board of Trustees, PO Box 4064, Hamilton East, Hamilton 3214.

The Board of Trustees meet the 4th Monday of the month in the St Catherine’s Room, Notre Dame Centre at the College, 5.15pm. Dates for 2022 are below. Parents are most welcome to attend.


Andrea Stocks Presiding Member
Parent Elected Board Member
Sue Garmonsway Deputy Presiding Member
Proprietor’s Appointed Board Member
Shelly Fitness Proprietor’s Appointed Board Member
Anne Griffin Bishop’s Appointed Board Member
Catherine Gunn Principal – Ex Officio
Tabwe Bio Parent Elected Board Member
Carla Denmead Parent Elected Board Member
Shaun Healy Parent Elected Board Member
Jane Searle Parent Elected Board Member
Chrissy Wakeman Parent Elected Board Member
Kymberly Bissett Staff Elected Board Member
Precious Kintu Student Elected Board Member
Vivienne Leddy Board Secretary

Board Meetings

2022 Dates

February Monday 28 Agenda
March Monday 28 Agenda
April No meeting
May  Monday 23 Agenda
June Monday 27 Agenda
July Tuesday 25
August Monday 22 Agenda
September Tuesday 27 Agenda
October Tuesday 25
November Monday 28 Agenda