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Senior Council 2021

Senior Council Leadership

Head Girl
Gemma Hall

Kia Ora! My name is Gemma Hall and it is my great privilege to represent Sacred Heart and our community as your Head Girl.

Reflecting on the previous year, there doesn’t seem to be a more fitting time than now to draw our focus towards communion. The key to our school is the community, with the teachers and staff I often refer to as the pillars for us as students to lean on as we uncover our potential. Through our faith and core values, I am confident that with a resilient attitude we can tackle any challenges this year may bring.

I have been lucky enough to find the right friendships and mentors over my years, thanks to the opportunities our school offers and encourages us to be part of. Duke of Edinburgh and the Drama department being two of my main playgrounds, I encourage you all to find yours.

You will find them when you strive for your best, never allowing yourself to get too comfortable. The magic always comes when you test what you think you are made of. So whatever question mark you may have this year whether a personal goal, sport, or subject  confront it head-on. Seek out every opportunity, explore more, and keep God close in the process.

I believe self-reflection is the time you take to ensure tomorrow will exceed today. Stay safe and look after each other, remember your neighbour’s heart, together our sacred hearts are one.

Deputy Head Girl Catholic Character
Donna Robert

Kia Ora,

My name is Donna Robert and I am beyond humbled to be serving you as the Deputy Head Girl Catholic Character for 2021.

I am an ex-Marian student (right across the road) and while I have always noticed the Sacred Heart leaders, I would have never thought that I too would be bestowed with the same incredible opportunity. 

My faith has played a significant role in my life as it has constantly reminded me of my self worth, dignity and that you always have someone who has your back. Being raised in a family like mine, I know that my spiritual journey is just as important as any other journey that I will undergo in my life. Throughout my years to date at Sacred Heart and especially in the junior school, I always looked up to the Year 13’s and realise that they have played a major part in establishing a tight bond and the feeling of belonging. I would love to repay back the school, and want to do everything possible in order for our school community to grow together and to ensure that our future leaders receive the love and compassion which our year group received for a smooth transition both into high school and throughout our junior and senior years.

I am well aware that our school community consists of numerous individuals who practise their very own respective religions. But if there is one thing I’ve learnt is that as Christians we’re called to ‘love one another.’ My personal goal this year is to empower the young women in our community, not only through activities but also through liturgies and masses to establish some sort of spiritual connection and the knowledge that, wherever life takes them they’ll always know that they do have the potential, and great worth which was once ignited by Sacred Heart.

Deputy Head Girl
Brooke Pitchford

Hello! My name is Brooke Pitchford and I am very excited to be the Deputy Head Girl Learning for 2021. I am immensely grateful for the opportunities Sacred Heart has provided me so far, and am now privileged to be in this role. I feel honoured to serve the school that has given me so much, and hope to convey to our Sacred Heart community that learning is about growing, evolving, and trying something new. 

I see learning embodied in many different ways, it is far more extensive than just academic achievement. At Sacred Heart learning is emphasized in all areas of school life whether this be through the arts, culture, sport, or languages. Involvement in sport is where I have noticed the most personal growth having been a Sports Ambassador and now Captain of the rowing squad. These aspects of school help me to step out of my comfort zone, and I continue to learn. 

My goal for this year is to emphasize that not everything will be perfect the first time. That learning is a process which involves overcoming your fear of failure and staying strong when you are faced with a challenge. Together we can work with our peers, setting and achieving goals, finding new ways to learn, and all blossom together on our Sacred Heart journey. 

Area Leaders

Mission Leader Franchesca Bassig
Māori Perspective Leader Lilli-Peach Phillips-Simpson
Pasifika Perspective Leader Kirsty Kaninteang
 Student Well-being Leaders Abbey O’Toole & Julia Manning
 Environmental Leader Kitty McInerney
 Cultural Diversity Leader Tiri Teerite
 International Student Leader Han Ngoc Huong
 Technology Leader Anne Fajardo
 Publicity/Communications Leader Ingrid Andaya
Arts Leader Kate Lyza Dimagnaong
Sports Leader Meg Roach
BOT Student Representative McKayla Gregoire

House Leaders

Aubert Co-House Leaders Jade Kawhe & Tayla Tukerangi
Avila Co-House Leaders Kiriana Le Normand Garcia & Annika Mills
Barbier Co-House Leaders Maiya Birdling & Gabby Mailer
Lisieux Co-House Leaders Grace Parquist & Marie Batulan
MacKillop Co-House Leaders Libby Singer & Zxy Cullen
Siena Co-House Leaders Eva Richter-Visser & Janniene Cortez