At Sacred Heart Girls’ College, we pride ourselves on our Catholic Character

We are a large Catholic School for girls, situated in the oldest suburb of Hamilton East, established by the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions, in 1884. We have a long history and an outstanding reputation for providing quality Catholic education for young women: faithful, aspirational and challenging. We aim to continue to nurture a culture of learning, with high expectations, and the pursuit of personal excellence, underpinned firmly by Gospel values. The virtues of Faith, Hope and Justice focus our attention on how we live out the Charism and legacy of Euphrasie Barbier: we do this through Communion, Contemplation and Mission. We are fortunate to have the presence of her Sisters in our Community.

Our expectations extend to all aspects of College life. We consider every student to have great potential, with skills and talents to share, develop and contribute to the school and the wider community. We expect students to engage fully with all learning activities and opportunities presented to them at our College, in a positive, respectful and dignified atmosphere.

We want our young women to develop personal responsibility, effective life-long learning habits, personal resilience and well-being, all of which will equip them to live a life that will make a difference in our ever-changing world. These are confident young women, ready to serve and provide leadership with a ‘heart for the world’, along with the capability to challenge and shape the future of the contemporary world, through virtue and knowledge.

Sisters of Lady of the Missions

A young French woman, Euphrasie Barbier, founded the Congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions in 1861. Euphrasie believed that the Sisters needed to adhere to the basic requirements of establishing self-sufficient communities wherever they went and generating enough income to provide for the Sisters and to work for the poor.

Where they established fee-paying schools and hostels, the Sisters would also offer free places for the poor. In order to meet the expenses of their community, the Sisters would offer private lessons in music, embroidery, art and speech, and would often sell their own handiwork and crafts. They also encouraged various fundraising activities, with any surplus revenue contributed to “the Mother house” in Lyons, France where income was needed to cover formation, mission sending and administration costs.

Wherever possible, Euphrasie would encourage the Bishop in the missions, or the Superior General of the Marist Fathers, to obtain funds from the Propagation of the Faith for the mission travel of the Sisters. Inevitably, there was a shortfall that the Sisters needed to find. By the time of her death in 1893, Euphrasie had 16 self-sufficient communities of Sisters in New Zealand, the Pacific Islands, England, India and France.

Religious Education

Euphrasie Barbier

In the religious education programme, our faith, its values and its meaning are explored at different levels throughout the school.

The national syllabus prepared by the National Centre for Religious Studies is followed in Years 9 – 11.

In Year 12 and 13, there is a more intellectual approach to the understanding of the moral doctrinal and social teachings of the church.

Retreats are an essential requirement for each class during the year.

These are a time when the students can withdraw from school classes and spend a time in prayer, reflection and thoughtful discussion. Through the sharing of one’s beliefs and values, a retreat can be a very deeply spiritual and meaningful experience, strengthening bonds of friendship, understanding and unity within this community.


We are a college dedicated to the Sacred Heart, the symbol of the expression of the Father’s love for us in sending God’s only son so that we can know  the Father’s compassionate love. Our missionary call and commitment is to live and make known that compassionate love of the Heart of Jesus and thus share in the mission of the Holy Spirit in bringing about God’s reign of justice, truth, peace and love.




Blessed Virgin Mary Cathedral

Parish Priest:
Fr Darren McFarlane

Pastoral Assistant: Andrea Savage
Phone: 07 856 6486

Street Address:
494 Grey Street, Hamilton East 3216

Postal Address:
P. O. Box 4007, Hamilton East 3247

Date of Dedication:
Dedication: 27 April 1980
Re-dedication: 7 November 2008