Our college has a long sporting tradition.  We are committed to offering all our students opportunities to participate in a range of individual and team sports, at both a competitive and non-competitive level.

Sports at Sacred Heart

The Sacred Heart Sport Programme caters for students of all abilities; from those who choose sport as an interest to those who are pursuing sport as a career.

The involvement of students in extra-curricular activities is very important as this plays a critical part in their holistic development. Participation in sport allows students to experience individual success, the power of teamwork, to develop personal

 discipline, competitiveness and lifelong healthy lifestyle habits.

Pope Francis describes sport as “a very rich source of values that help us to become better people.” We see this in the virtues, such as loyalty, commitment, respect and tenacity that our students demonstrate when representing our school in sports.

We have a dedicated team led by our Director of Sport Development, supported by our Coordinators, Athletic Development Coach and the many teachers, coaches and volunteers that offer their time and expertise to the sports we offer.

For a snapshot of Sport available at Sacred Heart, please read here.