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  • What subjects are available?

    Learn more about our Junior curriculum, the extensive range of subjects in our Senior Curriculum, and our learning areas.

    More detailed information on each of the subjects can be found in the Learning Areas section of SchoolPoint – our online interactive course selection tool.

  • Please help me understand NCEA!

    NCEA (National Certificates of Educational Achievement) is the national qualification for senior secondary school students in New Zealand.

    Read more here.

  • What stationery do I need?

    Stationery reqirements vary depending on your year level and subject. See details here.

School Life

  • Where do I access messages, the timetable, school reports etc?

    My Sacred Heart’ is a password protected portal for parents and students to see school messages, the timetable, adademic results and more.

  • Do I need to bring a laptop to school?

    Yes!  A Windows laptop is suitable for most subjects.

    Some loan laptops are available. See this page for more information about technology at our school..

  • What are the school rules?

    Great question – you can check out our standards and expectations, or ask any of your teachers if you are not sure about something.

  • How do I contact staff?

    See all our staff information here.

  • What are the school “Houses”?

    All students and staff are organised into six groups or teams of “Houses”. Read more here.

  • Are there many student clubs?

    Joining one of our student clubs is a great way to meet like-minded people and have fun! Clubs include:

    • Duke of Edinburgh (DOE) International Award
    • Kapa Haka
    • Theatre Sports (Drama)
    • Wonder Girl Up Club
    • Club Pasifika
    • Club Africa
    • Club Philippines
    • Debating Club
    • Running Club
    • The Umbrella Club Rainbow Community
    • Students Against Racism & Discrimination (SARAD)

    Read more here.

  • What is a retreat?

    As part of our goal to develop our Catholic character, each year group takes part in an annual retreat. This is a time to withdraw from school classes to spend time in prayer, reflection and thoughtful discussion.

  • What are Community and AKO on my timetable?

    Each Tuesday in Lesson 3 you meet with your CCM (Form) class for Community or AKO time.

    It is a time to reflect on work, make plans, and help those in need in the community. It gives you an opportunity to ask any questions and is also a time for assemblies and team meetings.

Pastoral Care

  • My daughter will be away from school today – who do I contact?

    If your daughter will be absent from school during the day for any reason, please email absences@shgcham.school.nz or phone the school 856 7874 option 1, giving a reason for her absence.

    If a student will be absent from school for an extended period of time, whānau must inform Miss Gunn. Please email her PA, Ms Ritchie, at pa@shgcham.school.nz explaining the reason for her absence – eg. a holiday during term time. Read more about our attendance expectations here.

  • Are school counsellors available?

    Professional counsellors, Deans, CCM companions and student mentors are here to help. Read more about our pastoral care team.


  • Where can I buy school uniform items?

    Details about our school uniform can be found here.

    Uniform items can be purchased from New Zealand Uniforms.

  • What is the PE uniform?

    The PE (Psychical Education) uniform is a regulation maroon top and black shorts. Students must wear appropriate sporting footwear at all times. Sports team uniforms vary and must be worn during competition.

  • What are the rules about hair, makeup and jewellery?

    Hair is not to be worn loose on the shoulders. Obvious dyed hair or extreme hairstyles are not permitted. Well groomed, discreet hairstyles must be worn up/tied back off the face in one ponytail, plait or bun. Hair styled in two braids or more, should be fixed as ‘one’ and worn to the back. 

    Wearing lipstick or eye makeup (false eyelashes, liner, eye shadow) is not permitted. Clear nail polish only is permitted. 

    Only a wrist watch, discreet chain with medal, cross or taonga, one pair of plain gold or silver studs or small sleepers (worn in lower ear lobe), are permitted. No other face piercings are allowed. 

    Tattoos/moko are not to be visible. Confiscated jewellery can be collected from the Student Centre at the end of each school term.

Fees & Accounts

  • How much are the school fees?

    Information about school fees can be found here. For international students, fees and costs are detailed here.

  • How do I make payments?

    Most payments can be made through the My Monitor Portal – an online payments system for parents to view fee statements and payment details. Read more about school fees and how to make payments.


  • Does my daughter need to be Catholic to attend?

    As a Catholic secondary school, priority of enrolment is given to students who can show connection with the Catholic faith. We also welcome enrolments from non-Catholic students, especially those who attend Catholic primary schools and those seeking a values-based education for their daughter. You will find more enrolment information here.

International Students