Mr Mark McAlley

Director of Sport Development

Mrs Judith Trumm

Sports Coordinator

Mr Joe Hinds

Sports Coordinator

Wintec Sports Development Team

Holly Dunlop and Chris Charlton

Holly Dunlop

Hi all, I’m Holly and this year I am helping lead the Strength and Conditioning programs for Rugby and Football. I am currently completing my Masters in Sport and Exercise Science after finishing my degree last year, with a main passion of mine being strength and conditioning and sports rehabilitation. Within the last year, I have focused on S&C in the Hockey department, training the U18 Waikato Hockey Association, so it has been a great opportunity to delve into some different sports and students by including Rugby and Football; especially as I have only ever played Netball as a sport myself. I look forward to the rest of the season for both teams!

Chris Charlton

I am really excited to work with you everyone at Sacred Heart. Last year at St Peter’s I really enjoyed working with a wide variety of sports (Netball, Sevens, Football) and helping each athlete on their pathway to representative sport and higher honours. I currently contract to Cycling New Zealand and work with pathway sprint and endurance cyclists trying to make their way onto the big stage. I have been in the industry for over 5 years now and have loved and cherished my time with all my clients over the years. Sport Science is a great subject and to anyone thinking about studying this at University, I am always happy to have a chat and answer any questions.

SHGC Sport Ambassadors 2022

Sports Leader
Kiana Pohe-Bright

Sport Ambassadors
1. Helen de Vries, 2. Jamee Webber, 3. Jordyn-Leigh Westrupp, 4. Lola Hennessey, 5. Nina Trumm,
6. Rieley Chou-Lee, 7. Rinoa Day, 8. Sarah Healy, 9. Shyrah Tuliau-Tua’a, 10. Tupou Kaufononga


Sports Ambassadors 2022