School Uniform

The Uniform/Dress Code contains IMPORTANT information, please read this here.

All students must wear the regulation uniform as listed below. The uniform is obtainable from:

New Zealand Uniforms
244 Tristram St, Hamilton 3204
phone 07 839 4550
free phone 0800 832 693

Sacred Heart new uniform pricing can be found here.

Regulation white school blouse.

Checked regulation skirt for Years 9-12. Black skirt for Year 13. Skirts are to be of a respectable length (just above the knee).

Regulation blazer. Must be worn to and from school. The blazer is a compulsory part of school uniform.

OPTIONAL: Regulation jersey – Maroon with school monogram.

Regulation maroon top and black shorts. Students are to wear appropriate sporting footwear at all times.

All Terms:
Black leather, sturdy polishable low heel, below the ankle-height shoes. Shoes can be lace up or Mary Jane style. Shoes are to be clean and tidy and in good repair. Shoes can only be worn with black pantyhose (socks are not permitted).

Term 1 and Term 4:
OPTIONAL: Black roman sandals may be worn.

Black pantyhose/woollen tights with feet.

Year 13’s only. Regulation school tie.

OPTIONAL: The school scarf is the only scarf to be worn. Scarves are not to be worn in class.

The following may be worn: a wrist watch, a small chain with medal, cross or taonga, worn discreetly. Fashion chains are not permitted. One pair of simple gold or silver studs or small sleepers worn in the lower ear lobe. Jewellery worn in any other piercing is not permitted and will need to be removed.

(Any confiscated jewellery will be held in the Student Centre and returned to the student at the end of each school term).

Well groomed, discreet hair styles worn up/tied back off the face in one ponytail, plait or bun. Hair styled in two braids or more, should be fixed as ‘one’ and worn to the back. Hair is not to be worn loose on the shoulders. Obvious dyed hair or extreme hairstyles are not permitted.

Clear nail polish only is permitted.

Makeup is not to be worn.

Tattoos/Moko are not to be visible.

Backpacks/bags are to be graffiti-free.

NEW pinstripe regulation full-length trousers are now available for Year 9-13.
45% wool/55% polyester, with a zip front and pockets.
Shoes must be worn.

Second Hand Uniforms

Uniform Return: Would you like to donate your daughter’s unwanted uniform to the College now that she has finished her studies here?

If so, please drop the uniform into main reception (between 8.30am-3.30pm Mon-Fri). Your donation would be gratefully received.

Sale of Items: We have a limited selection of second hand uniforms available. Please visit the main administration building where the second hand uniforms are located. The PTFA welcomes koha for any items you require for a student.

When a student is not able to wear the correct uniform, they are to obtain a Uniform Day Pass from their CCM Companion. A note from a parent/caregiver is required, explaining the reason for incorrect uniform. An Extended Pass may be given when a student is not able to wear correct uniform for several days (eg. a replacement item is required).