• Empowering the girls to strive for excellence
  • Working with them to develop a supportive but challenging environment
  • Providing quality coaching, which maximises the potential of each girl, and progressively moulds that potential into competitive, winning crews

Since its inception in 2001, Sacred Heart Girls College Rowing has been highly successful on the national stage, consistently ranking among the top ten rowing schools in NZ and achieving as high as second overall in 2005.

Well Done!

SHGC Rowing squad on a successful 2020/21 season.
New Zealand Secondary Schools (Maadi Cup) – Silver, Girls U18 Coxless Pair.
New Zealand Club National Champions Women’s Club Coxless Four and Women’s Club Coxless Pair.
North Island Club Champions Girls U18 Coxless Pair and Girls U17 Coxless Pair.

Brooke Pitchford (Yr 13, Deputy Head Girl Learning) and Emily Gordon (Yr 13) selected into the New Zealand U19 (Junior) Women’s Coxless Four.
Maiya Birdling (Yr 13, Barbier House Leader) selected into the North Island U18 Girls Sweep Team.
Kylee Corboy (Head Coach) selected to Coach North Island U18 Girls Sweep Team.

SHGC Rowing Information Booklet 2020/21

Code Coordinator            Kylee Corboy


Coaching Team
Kylee Corboy (Head Coach)
Peter Mitchell (2IC)
Carla Denmead (Manager)
Anna Butcher (Strength and Conditioning)
Tony Burns
Jarod Fleming
Carter Haddon

New Rowers/Coxswains
Our Learn To Row Programme is run every year in Term 3. This is a 6 week programme for new rowers/coxswains to get a chance to try the sport and see if rowing is for them.
A Learn To Row Program is offered to Year 9 students for the Curriculum Enrichment class in Term one and Three.

Rowing Season
The rowing season operates from September to April, including during the school holidays. There may be optional training sessions available during the off season, depending on availability of coaches and rowers.

Training Venues
On water training is from the Hamilton Rowing Club within short walking distance to the school.
Land based training is in the SHGC Gym.

A training timetable is issued by the Head Coach at the start of each month and varies slightly throughout the season.
Trainings vary between on water and land based. Training sessions are generally mornings and afternoons 4-5 days per week starting at 5.45 am and 3.20pm respectively. There are also Saturday morning training sessions 6.30 am to 12.30pm.
Land based training includes strength and conditioning, circuit training, ergs and Yoga.

Regattas attended by the squad are generally held at Lake Karapiro between September and March. The regattas are advised at the beginning of each season and are compulsory.
Maadi Cup, which is the National Secondary Schools competition requires selection, and is held alternate years between Karapiro and Twizel in the South Island. It is usually held March/April each year.

Throughout the rowing season, girls will attend camps which are held at the Rowing Camp in Mangakino or an alternative at Lake Karapiro There are generally four camps ie October, January, February and March. Camps are timed to coincide with school holidays/long weekends with the exception of “Maadi Squad” camp which is timed 2 weeks prior to Maadi and is based on selection.
Camp attendance is compulsory.

Fees apply for the Learn to Row for new rowers/coxswains, to cover costs of coach boat use. (approx. $50)
SHGC Rowing Fees for the 2021/22 season (Commencing Day 1, Term 4) – Overall Fee $2350, plus additional for gear and camps.
Additional costs incurred during the season for attendance and transport to camps, plus the cost of attending Maadi if selected. These costs are paid at the time.

Scheduled Games

Rowing Regatta Daysheets

Scheduled Practices

Watch this space!
Learn To Row 2021 is coming…..

Past Rowing Reps

2020 – NZ U23 Team
2019 & 2018 – NZ U21 Team
2016 – North Island U18 Team

2018 – NZ U21 Womens Sweep Team
2016 – North Island U18 Team

2018 & 2016 – NZ U21 Womens Sweep Team
2015 – North Island U18 Team

2016 – NZ U21 Womens Sweep Team
2015 – NZ Junior Womens Coxless Four (Bronze – Junior World Championships)

2013 – North Island U18 Team

2009 – North Island U18 Team

2009 – North Island U18 Team

2009 – North Island U18 Team

2016 – NZ Junior Coach
2007 – NZ U22 Team to represent at the Youth Cup
2005 – NZ Juniors Womens Coxless Four

2005 – NZ Junior Womens Coxless Four

2011 – NZ U23 Womens Coxless Quad Sculls
2008 & 2009 – NZ U23 Womens Coxless Four (Bronze U23 World Championships – 2009)
2007 – NZ U23 Womens Double Sculls
2006 – NZ Juniors

2012 – NZ Womens Elite Double Sculls to compete at the 2012 London Olympic Games
2009 & 2011 – NZ Womens Elite Double Sculls (Bronze – World Championships 2011)
2008 – NZ Womens Elite Coxed Eight
2007 – NZ U23 Squad