Cheerleading is a new sport first offered in term 3 2019 to cater for gymnasts, dancers and athletes looking for a sport outside of the traditional ones offered. School Cheer sport is administrated by our school but coached at All Stars Cheerleading where specialty coaches and equipment can be sourced.

Our team Sacred Heart Eagles, competed in the Secondary School Spring Carnival Competition 2019 (where we placed 3rd in grade 2).

The team is growing as athletes see that the sport is different to what cheerleading is traditionally thought as.

Code Coordinator            Mr Paul Stokes


Monday 5.00pm – 6.00pm, All Star Xtreme, 4 Thackeray Street.

SHGC Athletic Singlet and black tights.

$95.00 per team, plus Competition Costs.

Scheduled Events

Sorry, nothing has been scheduled yet. Please check back again later.

Cheerleading Representatives